Our Awarded Wines

It is not relevant to praise one's own wines, it is from the recognition of the others that one can objectively judge the quality of its own, and therefore, the appellation. We believe that it is through gold and medals that the value of our wines is best presented to you... They are appreciated by people close by, as in the BIVB Prestige Cellar, or further away, as in Paris, Lyon, the Netherlands or on to the edge of the world.…

Nos Aligotés


Médaille d’Or – Burgondia 2019

Médaille d’Or – Gilbert et Gaillard 2019

Nos Pinots Noirs


Médaille d’Or Gilbert et Gaillard 2019

Médaille d’Or Burgondia 2020

Médaille d’Or Concours Côte Châlonnaise et Couchois 2020

Tastevinage 2019

Nos Chardonnays


Médaille d’Or Féminalises 2019

Médaille d’argent Burgondia 2020

Étoile Guide Hachette 2019

Tastevinage 2019

Nos Crémants

Créman de Bourgogne Côtes du Couchois
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